The Savages

“Savage by name, really rather tame by nature.” From the award-winning team behind Men Behaving Badly, Adam (Marcus Brigstocke) and Jessica (Victoria Hamilton) Savage struggle to remain sane, decent and in love against formidable odds. These odds take the shape of their two tiny children, Adam’s father Donald (Geoffrey Palmer) and the destructive pressures of modern life. A warm, truthful and funny look at the stresses and pleasures of family life.


Marcus Brigstocke, Victoria Hamilton, Geoffrey Palmer

Produced by

Sue Vertue

Executive producer(s)

Beryl Vertue

Written by

Simon Nye

Directed by

Martin Dennis



First transmitted

April 2001 at 9.30pm


6 x 30'

Press comments

“**** [four stars] Superbly sardonic Geoffrey Palmer… Simon Nye almost never puts a foot wrong and the production team is headed by the great Beryl Vertue.” The Daily Mail

“Thanks to likeable central performances from Marcus Brigstocke and Victoria Hamilton – and Nye’s skill at combining good-naturedness with satire – even the most familiar aspects of The Savages work well.” The Daily Telegraph

“***** [five stars] First episodes in sitcoms are notoriously difficult, but Nye’s always work, not least owing to perfect casting. The characters fit their characters’ coats, especially the consistently wonderful Geoffrey Palmer as Adam’s father Donald, a poignant figure who is nevertheless very funny… great visual jokes that have become a trademark of Nye’s laugh-aloud, and also subtle, work.” The Mail on Sunday


BBC Worldwide in Australia, Canada, Finland, Holland, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa, UK Gold, Inflight.