The Cup

The Cup

Steve Edge (The Visit, Phoenix Nights) and Jennifer Hennessy (Drop Dead Gorgeous, Lilies) star in The Cup, a new comedy series written by Moray Hunter and Jack Docherty (Absolutely, The Creatives). The Cup is based on Canadian series The Tournament produced by Adjacent 2 Entertainment and created by Howard Busgang, Wendy Hopkins and Marty Putz, and originally set in the world of junior ice hockey. Shot in a documentary style, The Cup follows Bolton-based Ashburn United Football Club and their quest to win the North and Midlands Under 11’s Cup in Birmingham. It rapidly becomes apparent that the real story is the selfish and obsessive behaviour of the kids’ parents as they try to live their own dreams through their children.


Steve Edge as Terry McConnell, Jennifer Hennessy as Janice McConnell, Tanya Franks as Sandra Farrell, Dominic Coleman as Vincent Farrell, Samantha Power as Debbie Rossi, Billy Geraghty as Steve Robson, Pal Aron as Dr Kaskar, Emmanuel Leconte as Mercier

Produced by

Sue Vertue

Executive producer(s)

Beryl Vertue, Cheryl Taylor

Written by

Moray Hunter, John Docherty

Directed by

Matt Lipsey



First transmitted

21st August 2008 at 9.30pm


6 x 30'

Press comments

“Treat of the week is BBC2’s The Cup… this show is a brilliant comedy about a kids soccer team and the adult machinations behind it… All the characters are brilliantly drawn… quality writing and impeccable acting make this one of the best debuts of the season.” Broadcast, 22nd August 2008

“**** [four stars] We’re singing loudly from the terrace about this comedy. It’s a little gem, with a sparkling script and perfect comic performances from the adults. The kids in the cast are terrific too. Terrific.” TV Times, 6th September 2008

“It’s not often that I shout from the rooftops about a new sitcom… There’s a great new one kicking off tonight, however. The Cup [is filmed] in documentary style… which turns out to be really effective.”
The Daily Star, 21st August 2008

“[The Cup] uses all the conventions of the [mockumentary] genre to nice comic effect, keeping the characters safely on the right side of caricature and relying on their lack of self-knowledge in the deadpan, straight-to-camera interviews to supply the comedy. There are some lovely touches… It’s de rigueur for this kind of comedy to provide moments of pathos, and the triangle of resentment, guilt and frustration that exists between Terry, Janice and Terry’s boss Steve (Billy Geraghty) looks set to provide all the potential poignancy for the series. The Cup is smartly scripted by long-term writing partners Moray Hunter and Jack Docherty and anyone who has ever had any contact with children’s sports and the parents that go with them will find plenty to laugh and wince at.” The Observer, 17th August 2008


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