Sherlock: Series Two

Sherlock Series Two

Hartswood Films’ multi-award winning Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, returns to the BBC for an eagerly awaited second series of three 90 minute films: A Scandal In Belgravia, The Hounds Of Baskerville and The Reichenbach Fall. The first episode aired on BBC One on New Years Day 2012.

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Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, Martin Freeman as Dr John Watson, Una Stubbs as Mrs Hudson, Rupert Graves as Detective Inspector Lestrade, Louise Brealey as Molly Hooper and Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty

Produced by

Episodes 1&2 by Sue Vertue, episode 3 by Elaine Cameron

Executive producer(s)

Beryl Vertue, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Sue Vertue (episode 3), Bethan Jones for BBC

Written by

Episode 1 by Steven Moffat, episode 2 by Mark Gatiss, episode 3 by Steve Thompson

Directed by

Episodes 1&2 by Paul McGuigan, episode 3 by Toby Haynes



First transmitted

1st January 2012


3 x 90'

Press comments

“Five Stars… Pick of the Day… So far in the previous five superb episodes of Sherlock Holmes [sic], we’ve only had brief glimpses of his enemy, Moriarty. That all changes with this stunning series finale, as he takes centre stage, and Andrew Scott’s performance as the demented villain soars even more joyously over the top… Totally beguiling wondrousness from start to finish.” Heat, 14th January 2012

“Delivers in spades… The acrobatic plot is breathtaking, but the real highlight comes when the bitter enemies sit down together to talk…” TV Guide, 14th January 2012

“Conan Doyle’s legend has been shot into a present-day London that is so sharp and stylish it is positively futuristic… A Scandal In Belgravia was almost dazzlingly, brilliant, brimming with modern-day references (Twitter, blogs etc), super-slick editing and dialogue fizzing with wit… Benedict Cumberbatch is a superbly flamboyant Holmes… His instinctive observations about mere passers-by… are particularly delicious… As television goes, Sherlock is thrilling, threatening, stirring, glamorous, almost greedy.” The Mirror, 9th January 2012

“Five out of five stars… Sherlock is a Rolls-Royce of a popular entertainment, beautifully engineered and beautifully finished. The doors close with a perfect thunk every time and a loose thread is unthinkable… And where does one start, again? With the teasing eroticism of Sherlock and Irene’s affair of the mind? With the way that Moffat gets some real poignancy and longing into a story so glossily fantastical? With the fact that barely a minute passes without a line that’s worth making a note of? Or the fact that, in addition to lovely performances and great writing, the whole thing is filmed with such invention? What a way to start the year.” The Independent, 2nd January 2012

“Four and a half stars out of five… Shall we just start with a list of things that were delicious about Sherlock (BBC One)… We’ll be lucky if there’s a drama that’s as much fun all year, so explaining that it was good, seems somehow superfluous (or “Boring,” as Benedict Cumberbatch’s Holmes might put it).” The Daily Telegraph, 2nd January 2012

“…it fizzes down like a glass of New Year bubbly, full of wit and sparkle.” The Guardian, 2nd January 2012

Sherlock came bouncing onto our screens last night and managed, in what seemed like ten minutes but was more like a couple of hours, to bring us more wit, visual invention, suspense and romance than we’re likely to see for the rest of the year – or until the second of this three-part series, anyway.” Huffington Post, 2nd January 2012

“Five out of five stars… It’s only day one of 2012, and already Sherlock looks like being the highlight of the TV year. It’s difficult to describe just how good A Scandal in Belgravia is without descending into gibbering hyperbole.” Cult Box, 1st January 2012

“…aficionados need only hang on until the New Year, however, for the return of Sherlock, BBC’s witty and deeply knowledgeable reworking of the stories, and an overnight sensation when first secreened last year…. Cumberbatch and Freeman are beautifully cast, their characters correlating with the personalities of the actors (Freeman laid back and down to earth; Cumberbatch more garrulous and intellectual)…” The Independent, 9th December 2011


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