Jekyll - Gina Bellman as Claire Jackman, James Nesbitt as Tom Jackman and Michelle Ryan as Katherine Reimer

Dr Jackman’s life is in tatters. Recently, he’s been playing host to an uninvited guest – a dangerous alter-ego. Desperate to protect his wife and children from his dark side, Jackman is forced to leave his old life behind and strike a diabolical deal with his own devil. Part-conspiracy thriller, part-comic horror, Steven Moffat’s modern take on the Robert Louis Stevenson classic brings the ultimate tale of inner conflict to unforgettable new heights. James Nesbitt stars with an outstanding cast in this hit series for BBC One.


James Nesbitt as Tom Jackman, Gina Bellman as Claire Jackman, Michelle Ryan as Katherine Reimer, Denis Lawson as Peter Syme, Meera Syal as Miranda, Mark Gatiss as Stevenson

Produced by

Elaine Cameron and Jeffrey Taylor

Executive producer(s)

Beryl Vertue

Written by

Steven Moffat

Directed by

Douglas MacKinnon and Matt Lipsey



First transmitted

16th June 2007 at 9pm


6 x 55'

Press comments

“Slick, sexy and sinister, this thrilling six-parter sees James Nesbitt perfectly cast as the infamous split-personality doctor. Complex, thrilling and brilliantly unpredictable, Saturday night’s all right for frightening drama on the Beeb, with Jekyll set to shake viewers already stirred by Doctor Who. Don’t miss it.” The Daily Mirror, We Love Telly, 16th June 2007

“Compelling, six-part spine-chiller. With Hyde’s appearances growing increasingly frequent and unpredictable, and more twists in the tale than you can shake a stick at, the action continues to be utterly intriguing, and Nesbitt’s performance is electrifying. As for the subtle, but crucial, physical differences between Jackman and Hyde – how do they do that? Brilliant.” The Daily Mail Weekend, 23rd June 2007

“*****  [five stars] The whole story, which first appeared in 1886, has been brought bang up to date. There’s a dramatic new look to Saturday nights on BBC1, with James Nesbitt starring in the powerful new six-parter Jekyll.” Daily Express, 16th June 2007

“Don’t miss Jekyll. Imagine living with someone else’s hangover. James Nesbitt relishes the ultimate split-personality in this bloody update. Conspiracy thrills, gore, deft lines.”
Guardian Guide, 16th June 2007

“This much-anticipated six-part drama, written by Steven Moffat and boasting an all-star cast led by James Nesbitt, gets off to a weirdly compelling start. the series is dominated by Nesbitt’s flashy performance, which veers from the dour to the manic in a role he was born to play.” The Times, 16th June 2007

“Blimey and double blimey – this drama is a bit good, isn’t it? The story has spooked us so much at times, we’ve spilt our Poppets all over the floor. Cracking stuff.” TV Easy, 23rd June 2007

Jekyll brings menace to BBC1’s Saturday nights.” Time Out, 13th June 2007

“The production almost bristles with realistic modernity. nothing is too shiny. Jekyll is not weighed down by suburban, family-centric anchors. Instead, we see Jackman struggling to hide when he feels Hyde coming and the strangely childish Hyde charming women and frightening men. Yes, there are suggestions of violence, but in episode one we are shown the aftermath of unpleasantness, rather than the acts themselves. Instead the pace and tension come from Steven Moffat’s clever script, cartoon-like movements from Nesbitt and the sense that as Jackman’s secret leaks out, it becomes more dangerous. Further twists emerge with supporting characters – the accomplished cast includes Paterson Joseph, Denis Lawson and Meera Syal. Darkly clever.”The Evening Standard, 15th June 2007