Fear, Stress & Anger

Fear, Stress and Anger - Martin, Julie, Lucy, Chloe, Gran

For years the baby boomers ruled the world. But now, much to their bewilderment, they find they are past their sell-by dates and being shunted aside by the next generation. Their twenty-something children won’t leave home, and their ancient parents won’t shuffle off the stage. They’re stuck in the middle, the sandwich generation. Still very much in love, Martin Chadwick (Peter Davison) and his wife Julie (Pippa Haywood) are panicking as the wheels come off their lives. They try drugs, therapy and new jobs, but Martin’s unerring ability to screw up absolutely everything, combined with Julie’s rampant neuroses just add to the fear, the stress and the anger. Peter Davison (The Last Detective, At Home With The Braithwaites) and Pippa Haywood (Green Wing) star in Fear, Stress & Anger, a comedy series from Michael Aitkens (Waiting for God).


Peter Davison, Pippa Haywood

Produced by

Sue Vertue

Executive producer(s)

Beryl Vertue

Written by

Michael Aitkens

Directed by

Martin Dennis


22nd February 2007 at 9pm

First transmitted



1 x 6 episodes


30 mins

Press comments

“Sitcoms are not supposed to work anymore. They’re dead. Finished. Gone. Morsed. And yet here is a new sitcom – about the fear, stress and anger that blights the lives of a middle-aged, middle-class couple living in suburbia – which works. The reasons for its success are obvious. First and foremost, it is character-led rather than gag-driven. These are lives that may be comically exaggerated, but they are rooted in truth and plagued by fears.

“The actors are ideally matched – the ever-benign Peter Davison paired with the dangerous Pippa Haywood (who played the sex-obsessed hospital administrator in Green Wing). And finally, there is no intrusive laughter track, which means you can just sit back and enjoy it. Even rabid sitcom haters should give it a whirl.” The Times Knowledge, 17th February 2007

“Fans of Waiting For God will enjoy this new sitcom by Michael Aitkens; he devised and penned both shows, and in each he articulates the sheer irksomeness of everyday life… There’s plenty to laugh about, for those with a sharp sense of schadenfreude.” The Daily Telegraph, 22nd February 2007

“I love Pippa Haywood, an actress who, with good reason, is apparently so comfortable in her own skin that it enables her to effortlessly inhabit other people’s, and of course she’s as good as she can be here, playing your harried-by-numbers, middle-class, ball-juggling, everywife-and-mum.” The Observer, 25th February 2007