Edge of Heaven

EOH Group 2

Welcome to the Edge of Heaven! This comedy drama series charts the lives of the Taylor-Chatterjees at Margate’s finest (and indeed only) 80s themed B&B – run by Wham! loving Judy (Camille Coduri), husband and breakfast enthusiast Tandeep (Nitin Kundra), and her two grown-up kids, sofa salesman Alfie (Blake Harrison) and his de-mobbed soldier sister Ann-Marie (Laura Checkley).

Alfie is a man with his life and future all planned out for him, until his fiancée Carly (Justine Cain) leaves him at the altar. Carly’s best friend is Michelle (Louisa Lytton), a sweet girl who’s always had a soft spot for Alfie. Nanny Mo is Alfie’s smart as a tack grandmother (Marcia Warren), who lives with his two gay Uncles, both called Gary (Adrian Scarborough and Robert Evans). Written and created by Robert Evans, Edge of Heaven is guaranteed to brighten up your TV screen.


Blake Harrison as Alfie, Camille Coduri as Judy, Marcia Warren as Nanny Mo, Adrian Scarborough as Bald Gary, Louisa Lytton as Michelle, Justine Cain as Carly, Robert Evans as Camp Gary, Nitin Kundra as Tandeep, Laura Checkley as Ann-Marie

Produced by

Elaine Cameron, Paul McKenzie

Executive producer(s)

Beryl Vertue

Written by

Robert Evans

Directed by

Episodes 1-3 by John Henderson, episodes 4-6 by Sandy Johnson



First transmitted

21st February 2014, 9pm


6 x 60'

Press comments

“Pick of the Week: imagine the bright, garish colour of Benidorm crossed with the warmth of Gavin & Stacey and you’re already some way to getting the measure of this new comedy series.” The Daily Star

“Pick of the Day: there’s a lot to love about this colourful new comedy series… heartfelt, warm and fun.” Total TV Guide

“Four stars: this delightful six-part comedy-drama series is written by and starring relative newcomer Robert Evans, yet it feels bold and funny from the start. It’s likeable and camp, but grounded in a believable reality – give it a go.” Heat

“Critic’s choice: it’s a warm, funny, character-driven comedy that’s ideal for a Friday night.” The Express Saturday Magazine

“Pick of the Day: a fun and frothy watch” TV Times

“Make sure you check in to the Edge of Heaven B&B – it’ll be just like partying at Club Tropicana! [There’s] something for everyone in this new comedy-drama.” All About Soap

“Pick of the Week: [a] heavenly mix of comedy characters to keep us smiling.” Reveal

“There are signs of a sweet, slow burning romance between Harrison and his ex’s best friend, Scarborough is waspishly good value and a ballroom dancing sub-plot will amuse Strictly fans.” Review

“Friday night comfort viewing.” The Observer

“Pick of the Day: this is warm and, at times, genuinely very funny fare.” The Times

“There’s a touch of Stella, a hint of Benidorm and a smattering of Gavin & Stacey to this colourful new series.” Daily Express

“It’s a warm and colourful new comedy-drama.” YouView


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