Coma Girl

Coma Girl

This offbeat comedy follows a group of female friends united by a shared history but divided by almost everything else. Most friends meet for dinner, or at the pub, but for these four old school friends their monthly get together is in the unsettling surroundings of an intensive care unit. Siobhan (Sarah Solemani) is a failing TV presenter, Sarah (Katy Wix) is a rather reluctant mother of three, Pip (Katherine Parkinson) is a pseudo bohemian and Lucy (Anna Crilly) – well, Lucy is in a coma. After the initial shock, the group soon realise that Lucy is in dire need of help, if only they could provide it. As Lucy becomes more aware of what is going on around her, unexpected and funny moments from her subconscious are revealed.


Anna Crilly as Lucy, Katherine Parkinson as Pip, Sarah Solemani as Siobhan, Katy Wix as Sarah

Produced by

Elaine Cameron

Executive producer(s)

Beryl Vertue

Written by

Abigail Wilson

Directed by

Simon Delaney


Channel 4 Comedy Showcase

First transmitted

9th September 2011 at 10.30pm


1 x 30'

Press comments

“**** [four stars] Fine effort featuring the awesome cast of Sarah Solemani (Him & Her), Katy Wix (Not Going Out), Katherine Parkinson (IT Crowd) and Anna Crilly (Lead Balloon)… Original and very good.” Heat Magazine

Coma Girl is a brave comedy but not because it is dark and edgy. Quite the reverse – it is brave because it is so completely different from anything else that might go by the name of comedy… Each [character] is sharply drawn… It is benign, good-natured and thoroughly pleasant to watch.” Times Saturday

“The words ‘comedy’ and ‘coma’ don’t usually go together. But there are a few gems of black humour in this pilot… it’s dark but funny stuff.” The Sun

“Pick of the day: The latest comedy pilot boasts a cracking female cast… Nicely observed and acted humour.” The Independent

“Four gifted comic actresses – including Katherine Parkinson (Jen in The IT Crowd) and Anna Crilly (Lead Balloon’s Magda) – star in this comedy pilot.” Daily Mail Weekend

“TV Choice: It may be about a girl in a coma, but there’s nothing downbeat about this beautifully written short… Skilfully acted by its all-female cast, the understated performances capture exactly the sense of friendships held together by a shared history.” The Herald