Border Café

Written by Tim Firth (Calendar Girls, Preston Front), this original and riveting comedy drama series is set in a fictional town on the borders of England and Wales. It’s home to a cross-section of amazing, colourful characters who under normal circumstances, would never have met. But they all start to frequent the new café on the town’s outskirts and become embroiled in the lives of the people who run it – Charlotte, David, Ronnie and Kidder. As the café starts to have its effect, the whole notion of whose life depends on whose starts to shift. The star begins to decline, the copycat flowers…


Elizabeth Carling, Sean Gallagher, Georgia Mackenzie, Antony Stracha

Produced by

Elaine Cameron, Chris Griffin

Executive producer(s)

Beryl Vertue

Written by

Tim Firth

Directed by

Richard Laxton, Matt Lipsey



First transmitted

9th July 1999 at 9.20pm


1 x 8 episodes



Press comments

“Wonderful mix of comedy and drama. It’s funny. Extremely funny. And quite moving actually. Wonderful stuff.” TV Times

“A stunningly good start to a new romantic comedy set in a café… I think you’ll like [these characters] a lot.” OK! Magazine

“Stopping off for a roadside coffee may never be the same again after Tim Firth’s new comedy. The writer of Preston Front serves up another quirky offering that borders on the absurd… All the right ingredients are in place for an enjoyable series. Quirky and appetising.” Sunday Express

“[Border Café] was quirky, off-beat, wistful, intriguing.” The Times


BBC Worldwide in Australia, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, UK Drama