A Woman’s Guide To Adultery

A Woman's Guide To Adultery

Rose disapproves of adultery. Her three closest friends are all entangled with married men and she can see that it is always the women who suffer most. Rose would never hurt another woman for the sake of a man. But when she meets Paul, the sexual attraction is too strong to resist and suddenly Rose finds that she has become a mistress with a guilty conscience. Sex in the afternoons, secret meetings in quiet bars, waiting by the phone, wishing his wife would let him go; Rose has succumbed to adultery.


Theresa Russell, Sean Bean, Amanda Donohoe, Adrian Dunbar

Produced by

Beryl Vertue

Written by

Frank Cottrell Boyce, based on the best-selling novel by Carol Clewlow

Directed by

David Hayman



First transmitted

29th November 1993 at 9pm


1 x 3 episodes


60 mins

Press comments

“A stonking good piece of television.” The Daily Star

“A lavish production… lit up by superb performances.” The Sun


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