Press Releases


5 Jan 2010

Hartswood Films and BBC Drama announce production on Sherlock, with three new crime dramas for BBC One.

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Hartswood Films West

20 Aug 2009

Hartswood Films have announced they are setting up a new office in Central Cardiff - Hartswood Films West -  to be headed up by Welsh-born Film and Television Executive Philippa Collie Cousins.

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The Cup

The Cup in production for BBC Two

29 Jan 2008

The comedy series The Cup, about the selfish and obsessive behaviour of the parents of an under-11 football team trying to live their dreams through their kids, has gone into production on location in Bolton and Manchester for six weeks.

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Jekyll - Gina Bellman as Claire Jackman, James Nesbitt as Tom Jackman and Michelle Ryan as Katherine Reimer


1 Jun 2007

It's 2007 and there's a new Dr Jekyll with an old problem...

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Fear, Stress and Anger - Martin, Julie, Lucy, Chloe, Gran

Fear, Stress & Anger

5 Feb 2007

A new comedy series from Michael Aitkens exploring what happens when you're past your sell-by date and being shunted aside by the next generation.

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