Press Release


11 Feb 2014

Welcome to the Edge of Heaven, Margate’s finest – and indeed only – 80s themed Bed & Breakfast.

Run by Wham! fan Judy Taylor-Chatterjee, the guesthouse is also home to husband and chef Tandeep and her two grown up kids – sofa-salesman Alfie and his de-mobbed soldier sister, Ann-Marie.

Just moments to go before Alfie and his fiancĂ©e Carly become Mr & Mrs Taylor-Chatterjee, Alfie gets a surprise at the altar. It turns out Carly’s had second thoughts, brought about by a randy snog on her hen night. Single for the first time since he was sixteen, Alfie’s life is about to change forever.

Can Alfie and Carly iron out their differences over the course of the series or will best mate Michelle step in and carry on where Carly left off? Guiding Alfie through the heartbreak are best mates Donkey and Spanner, incorrigible gran Mo and his Uncle Gary.

Edge of Heaven starts on Friday 21st February at 9pm, ITV1.

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Press contact: Gary Smith at ITV
Picture contact: Shane Chapman at ITV
Hartswood press contact: Ian Johnson Publicity